Much more than a stand, ORIGO is a classy and capacious piece of furniture that turns into a unique and efficient cyclist’s butler: it welcomes the rider home and stores the bicycle and the gear, keeping it all ready for the next ride.
ORIGO TECH wood cabinet is equipped with wireless charging technology on the top shelf and, thanks to the 4 USB ports fast charge hub, you can charge all your devices, including the e-bike. It’s available in several veneers: natural ash, black or dark browns oakwood, and Canaletto walnut.
ORIGO VOX is the outrageous version that doubles as a high-quality stereo system, thanks to the Bluetooth amplifier (provided with remote control) and to the speakers mounted on the wood cabinet sides.

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OAKWOOD BROWN when your smart butler goes luxury and turns into a classy "cycling station" that fits into the most sophisticated surroundings