Vadolibero debuts at Giro d’Italia. To celebrate the historic Big Start in Jerusalem, we have joined forces with the famous Israeli architect and artist Irma Orenstein, who has reinterpreted NEOS with a customised graphic: the Giro edition.

Our unique cycling station now wears the famous pink shade of maglia rosa and it’s marked by a symbolic capital I-shaped stripe (hand-painted), that stands for Italy, Israel and Irma.

NEOS Giro edition will be available in three colors: pink, white and black with glossy finish.

From May 4th, the different models will be on sale worldwide (retail price € 1.600) through Vadolibero e-shop and dealers (as official Giro d’Italia licensee for 2018), the Giro pop-up stores during the race and the Giro d’Italia e-shop.