… to create a compelling wonderland for cyclists: a unique interior design collection that celebrates your cycling passion also at home, with smart innovations, groovy design, premium quality, and skilled craftsmanship.


When we started imagining Vadolibero it was 2014. We were two successful professionals in journalism and photography who shared a radical dream: pay tribute to that revolutionary piece of engineering called bicycle. Such an essential invention, yet powerful in making people’s life so much better. The bicycle for us is certainly the result of advanced mechanics, but more than that it delivers passion and freedom: it’s the essence of design thinking, that blends functionality and aesthetics. Even more, for us a beautiful bike is a work of art that can’t be stored in a garage: it deserves to be enjoyed also indoors, when you are off the saddle. As a painting or a sculpture. The world of interior design was our inspiration: we wanted to offer high-end solutions that open the front door to the beloved machine and make cyclists proud to showcase it also in the living room.


Our idea was to say the least audacious, considering there was nothing similar on the market and we had never done anything like it before. But life often favours the audacious. Firstly, our company had to have a name… The inspiration came fast: Vadolibero, “I go free”, in Italian. A word that gives off the unparalleled sensation that fills the lungs and elates the brain when you are riding: pure freedom of movement and thought. Then came the logo, that had to be a symbol representing us at glance, as a tattoo of our brand soul: our stylized handlebar evokes control but, as two spread wings, it’s also synonym of freedom.


We plunged into design with passion and obstinacy, trashing hundreds of sketches and renders. The next step? Make our ideas come true: it was the most difficult task, of course. We started looking for the best suppliers, without compromises and without hurry: we were aiming for the top. And we got there: we’ve found skilled craftsmen specialized in hand-processing wood essences, rigid polyurethane, metals and leather, highly rated by international luxury design brands. We can count on a supply chain of excellent enterpreneurs, that are passionate about our vision and fly high the flag for made in Italy.


Today the world of Vadolibero has a distinctive identity that is rounding the world thanks to the word of mouth, and is present in more than 20 countries. The only high-end design collection dedicated to cyclists now includes seven different solutions that upgrade the storage system with unique style, blending in with the most refined surroundings. And we are committed to keep on developing in the future other innovations that make cyclist’s life more special.