OAKWOOD BLACK a stylish full black outfit for the cyclist’s smart butler, that takes care of the bike and the gear, until the next ride


OAKWOOD BLACK a stylish full black outfit for the cyclist’s smart butler, that takes care of the bike and the gear, until the next ride

ORIGO•B, the black edition! No compromises on the rich, absolute black that defines this model minimalistic style: here is the urban version of the piece of bike furniture, made of premium hand-varnished oakwood. Dedicated to those who choose their bicycle also for its beauty, ORIGO•B magnifies the extreme geometries and pure lines of racing frames. And its cool, sharp look fits perfectly into vanguard surroundings.

Designed to store the bicycle and the gear till your next ride, as an efficient butler, ORIGO•B is exactly what you desire: a cycling station you can count on, that takes care of all you need to go riding. In one place.

On the top shelf, you empty your pockets and manage the recharging of your digital devices. If there are many of them, you can place a power strip behind the drawer and tuck its cable into the bottom shelf hole: you’ll have one wire only plugged into the wall socket.

For keys, sunglasses, watch and small accessories there is a clever vertical compartment equipped with a magnetic folding door and four stainless steel hooks: it helps you organize your stuff and you’ll be sure to find everything you will look for when you go out.

More than that, ORIGO•B offers different capacious storage spaces: in the roomy drawer, you can stow your helmet, together with riding clothing and accessories; while the discrete inner cubby is the perfect place to cache your cycling shoes, and let them rest after the ride.

Thanks to its tube-shaped base, made of crystal blasted stainless steel, this sleek piece of furniture doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall (forget anchors, drill and dust!), it’s freestanding.

Style is in the details. ORIGO•B is handmade in Italy with precious materials. The curved profiles, made of solid oakwood, are hand lathed; the assembly process, done manually, takes several days; both the cabinet and the stainless steel base are patiently varnished by hand.

One more detail. The wood hues are mirrored by the provided accessory combo, made of refined Italian leather, hand-sewed: the pad on which you prop the bike frame and the wheel strap.

Upon request, you can place a hand-sewed leather tray on the cabinet top shelf, to avoid scratches on the wood… and add a twist of luxury to your fabulous butler.

The ORIGO•B engineering aimed to optimize the storage space in spite of its small size: the wood cabinet is only 30 cm wide and 55 cm deep. It’s the perfect indoor space-saving solution to keep your gear neat and safe.

You can also count on four solid oakwood poles, to be screwed in the threaded holes on the cabinet sides, to hang other accessories, like bags and jackets.

To help you stow your apparel with the smallest footprint, it’s provided with two Organizer Bands, made of black elastic with our hand-embroidered logo in white: you use them to wrap your bib pants and jackets and store them neatly in the drawer.



  • height: 130 cm
  • base height: 85 cm
  • top height: 45 cm
  • width: 30 cm
  • depth: 55 cm
  • weight: 24 kg


multi-layered birch with matte oak veneer, crystal blasted stainless steel tube-shaped base, solid oak edges and poles, hand-sewed leather frame pad / wheel strap, 2 Organizer bands

Delivery period: 3/4 weeks
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