First public appearance and official debut for VADOLIBERO at Fuori Salone 2015. In the beautiful Magna Pars Suites Milano, in via Forcella 5, DOMUS and ORIGO finally revealed themselves. The reactions? “Beautiful idea” was the most common comment.

“This is the bike’s home!”. That’s how people
reacted to DOMUS, the piece of furniture
designed to open the living room to bikes.

Design people understood right away the soul of RIDE HOME collection: meet with style and functionality the needs of whom take their bike inside the house, with two peculiar proposals, conceived to store the bike (and its accessories) at home.

And there’s more to it. DOMUS, the piece of furniture with a powerful LED lamp (handlebars shaped), by night becomes an artistic installation to showcase every bike frame. And ORIGO is much more than an efficient bike rack: not only it is freestanding, but it stores everything you need to ride the bike in a small space. A novelty fully recognised by the visitors: the first borns of VADOLIBERO have been all over the social media, with posts and retweets. A digital spontaneous word of mouth that celebrates the innovation brought by the milanese start-up.