As light as a colorful feather blown by a gust of wind, Dario has gone, without any notice. Free and fascinating like the imaginary bird he has painted on our Neos Maestro, he left us all mute facing the pit of emptiness in a world without Pegoretti. We can still see him, the imposing figure of the genius frame builder, in his bottega along the river in Verona: while he was painting, his big hands were dancing with poetic grace and tremendous patience, supported by coffees and sigarettes. In the deepness of our soul, we’ll always treasure the memory of a great man who never lost his humility, “Me, an artist? Come on!”, his subtle and curious mind mixed with the great dose of irony he used to hide his shy gentleness. Dario has lived intensely: he had already defeated death once, and he kept walking the wire, daring and fearless. Together with the deep sense of loss and sadness, we feel grateful for the privilege to have shared with him, the artist who loved Basquiat and jazz music, his last artistic project. In front of the camera, he bared his soul with an endearing openness, leaving us as a precious gift, these unique last portraits. Thank you Maestro, we’ll miss you.